A Ride of Inspiration 2014 – 6th Annual

DS Action's 3rd Annual Ride of Inspiration to help children with Down Syndrome

Saturday, August 30th, 2014 (10am – 3pm) – A Ride of Inspiration, 6th annual Charity Motorcycle Poker Ride & Poker Walk Event at San Diego Harley-Davidson. (The poker walk is for non-riders who want to participate in the poker challenge.) There is something for everyone to enjoy – Entertainment, VIP/Celebrity Booth, Food Faire, Vendor Expo, Kids Zone, Raffle and so much more.

Believe in Your Dreams – Marisa Met Justin Bieber


If you attended DS Action’s “Merry All, Comedy Ball” in December 2012, you are familiar with Marisa Cox’s story and DS Action’s mission to make her dream come true. It was Marisa’s dream to meet Justin Bieber and touch his hand. Watching this video clip to learn more. – http://youtu.be/vtRB7fzoKBc.

DS Action is proud to share Marisa’s story and to be a part of turning her dream into a reality. On Saturday, June 22nd, 2013, Marisa met Justin Bieber. Click on the link to learn more about Marisa’s story, see pictures and video from this amazing journey – http://www.downsyndromeaction.org/marisa-met-justin-bieber (Picture courtesy of Justin Bieber via Twitter)

Down Syndrome Center


DS Action is pleased to announce that The Down Syndrome Center at Rady Children’s Hospital, San Diego, is now open and is accepting appointments. The Down Syndrome Center is committed to improving the  care of children with Down syndrome. The goal of the center is to actualize each child’s potential by coordinating  medical and therapeutic […]

About DS Action

We are parents, grandparents, doctors, educators, registered nurses, social workers and other business professionals interested in improving the quality of life of all people with Down syndrome. DS Action is affiliated of the National Down Syndrome Society(NDSS) and National Down Syndrome Congress(NDSC). What We Are Doing: DS Action holds monthly meetings in San Diego to identify the unmet needs of people with Down syndrome and to find creative solutions to meeting those needs. As an example, DS Action determined that many children with Down syndrome do not receive the same level of recommended medical and developmental care, and that parents often find it difficult to get referrals to a variety of available intervention services. To meet this need, DS Action worked to establish a Down Syndrome Center, where all children with Down syndrome would have an equal opportunity of receiving recommended evaluations, referrals and intervention services. Working with Rady Children”s Hospital... 

Inspiration Corner

Adam dancing and grooving to some hot hip-hop beats and overcoming his struggle

Adam’s Story

Adam Hank, International ambassador Adam Hank attended the 13th Annual Los Angeles DSA Buddy Walk at Santa Anita Park on November 11, 2007, and soon found himself in the middle of the action, filling the role of international ambassador and entertainer. One of the entertainers at the event was “Love Junx”, a Hip Hop Dance Troup of individuals with Down syndrome from Japan. Being pulled by the Troup’s music from across the park, Adam cupped his ear, signing to his parents... 

Gage's amazing story of survival and triumph

Gage’s Story

By Marti Lindsey Today Gage is an almost one year old with a toothless smile and a love of lollipops. He sits in his Bumbo seat and watches cartoons with his brother or on his mother’s lap stroking her face. Due to the dedication of Gage’s team of professionals at Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego, he’s a healthy child with a positive prognosis. This wasn’t always the case. Gage’s journey started a short six hours after he was born. His echocardiogram... 

Grace's story about her and her parents getting help at the Down Syndrome Center in San Diego

Grace’s story

“One of your babies has Down syndrome” were some of the first words I remember hearing after giving birth to my twin girls. My husband and I wondered how we were going to ever handle having such a special baby. What kind of medical treatment would she require? Who was going to help us get her the proper care she needed? The first few months were overwhelming. We were amazed at how many doctors Grace had to see and how many different therapy evaluations she was supposed to have. Fast... 

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